Moloney speaks at conference

On Thursday 28 November 2019, NEN, in cooperation with the municipality of Rotterdam, will organise a conference on transport pipelines, at which the new NEN 3650 series will be discussed in detail. Dan Moloney, COO of A.Hak Pipelines & Facilities, will be one of the speakers at the conference on behalf of A.Hak.

How can we organise the scarce space in the subsurface in a future-proof manner by making use of underground pipes? This is the central theme of the conference on transport pipelines in Rotterdam on 28 November. Special attention will be paid to safety and the integration of pipelines into the existing environment.

For whom?

The conference will be of interest to everyone involved in the new NEN 3650 series, such as people working for contractors, engineering firms, water and energy companies, infrastructure managers, governments, installation companies and producers of substances that are transported in transport pipelines.

By the end of the day, visitors will know everything about the new NEN standard, which is important for the practice of their profession. This will be discussed in detail in the afternoon programme. But the morning programme is also interesting. Prominent figures from the world of transport pipelines talk about the importance and significance of pipelines for the development of the Dutch economy. One of the speakers is Dan Moloney, Chief Operating Officer of A.Hak Pipelines & Facilities, the A.Hak division that is involved in the construction of transport pipelines.



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