Water pipelines

When we are standing in the kitchen pouring a glass of water from the faucet, we usually don't realize what it takes to get clean, safe drinking water from the tap. At A.Hak we have known for more than fifty years what it takes to do this.

Safety and security of supply are the basic conditions for all our underground infrastructure projects. When it comes to drinking water, it is clear to everyone why we make such a point of it. But safety is also important for pipes for cooling water or other process water.

International experience

Since its foundation in 1963, A.Hak has been laying pipelines that transport water over longer distances. We do this in the Netherlands, but there is also water flowing through pipes that we have laid in the desert of Saudi Arabia.

As with the other pipelines and cables that we lay in the ground, we can also work with water pipelines with virtually any surface and any material. The fact that we can use our own equipment and use welders that we train and qualify ourselves is a major advantage. If we encounter roads, rivers or other obstacles in a pipeline route, we will cross them with the help of our specialists in the field of horizontal drilling.

Combined construction

We often carry out the construction and maintenance of the distribution pipelines that bring water to businesses and households in combination with electricity, heat or gas. In doing so, we reach into the meter cupboard and also take care of the communication with the end user.

More specialisms

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