Sustainably generated electricity is increasingly replacing energy from fossil sources. We are building the connections that bring electricity to its destination.

Electricity generated from renewable sources such as sun and wind is widely regarded as an important alternative to fossil fuel energy. Electrification' is therefore one of the pillars of the energy transition.

To ensure that this runs smoothly, the current electricity grid needs to be strengthened and expanded. This is because the way in which we generate and supply electricity to the grid is changing a great deal, but consumption is also changing. Just think of the impact of the growth in the number of electric cars and their charging stations.

Accelerating the energy transition

A.Hak has the experience and the innovative power to accelerate the energy transition in the field of underground cables. We take care of the engineering, tracing, licensing processes, material supply, realization of cable routes and all related assembly and disassembly activities.

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