Report your suspicions

A.Hak has implemented a whistle-blowing policy because we believe it is important to comply with the law and our Code of Conduct. We want to encourage anyone who suspects misconduct at work to report it. This may include misconduct in areas such as corruption, bribery, theft, discrimination, harassment or environmental damage.

How does reporting work?

Everyone is free to report suspected wrongdoing in his or her own way. We propose the following steps.

  1. Speak to the person(s) involved.
  2. Does this not have the desired effect or does it make you feel uncomfortable? Inform André Bouwer, the Compliance Manager of A.Hak (, telephone +31 6 42548328) or the management of A.Hak.
  3. Does this not have the desired effect or does it make you feel uncomfortable? If so, please contact our worldwide SeeHearSpeakUp whistleblower service, anonymously if necessary.


André Bouwer

André Bouwer

Compliance manager


SeeHearSpeakUp is an independent and anonymous whistleblower hotline operated by an external service provider. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are three ways to submit a report.

  1. Complete an online form at
  2. Call the helpline at +31 855 216 6143. If the call is made from the Netherlands, it is automatically forwarded to a Dutch-speaking operator. If the whistleblower prefers another language, the call operator will involve an interpreter in the call within three minutes to help the call operator.
  3. Send an e-mail to

No consequences

The management of A.Hak wants our organization to comply with strict standards of conduct. It will ensure that reporting a suspicion of wrongdoing does not have any consequences for the reporter. This applies to reports to the helpline, but also to internal reports.

Remco Smit

Remco Smit

Financieel Directeur