Sustainable landfall

A.Hak has successfully completed a landfall on the Israeli coast which was carried out with a 1,100 meter long 56" Direct-Pipe well. Without safety problems, on time and with a satisfied customer.

Wilko Koop, director of A.Hak International, praises our A.Hak drilling specialists, our subcontractors and material manufacturer Herrenknecht. The team received congratulations from Herrenknecht via a Breakthrough Notice with the following text. ‘We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this great success and look forward to our further cooperation throughout the project'.

Safe and sustainable

This was our second successful drilling on the Israeli coast in a short time. By using the Direct-Pipe technique for landfalls, the often sensitive coastal areas can be spared as much as possible. Further innovations will make working even safer. The special projects attracted the attention of World Pipelines Magazine, which devoted an article to them in the May issue.

Drone images

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