Heat networks

A.Hak has an impressive track record when it comes to the design, construction and maintenance of district heating networks. Our experience stretches over almost forty years. From the installation of heat transport pipelines with a large diameter to the connection behind the front door. From work in the field and in residential areas to connecting houseboats.

Heat networks play an important role in making our energy supply more sustainable. They generally make use of residual heat from industrial processes or waste incineration. This heat is then used to provide households and businesses with heat and hot water in a closed system, without using additional energy sources for this purpose. The result is a significant reduction in total CO2 emissions.

More sustainable alternative

The idea behind heat networks is certainly not new. Utrecht already had the Dutch premiere in 1923. The interest in 'district heating' has since experienced ups and downs. The popularity usually increased when there was a problem with fossil fuels. This was also the case with the growth sprint in district heating at the end of the seventies of the twentieth century. Shocked by the oil crisis, the western world searched for alternatives. A.Hak responded to this. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that we have 40 years of experience in the construction of heat networks.

Since 1980

In 1980, we laid some 3,000 metres of pipe-in-pipe for district heating in the Koedijkslanden district of Meppel. A year later, our books mention a district heating project in Leeuwarden and A.Hak going on a district heating adventure in Denmark.

Our current relationship with the company that provides district heating to the Dutch city of Purmerend dates from that same period. Partly because of their early start, 75% of all buildings in this municipality are connected to the heat network. Thus, Purmerend proudly calls itself the district heating capital of the Netherlands. As a result, we feel confident to call ourselves the best district heating contractor in the Netherlands.

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