• Location Diemen
  • Date 01/12/2011

Heat pipeline IJmeer

What do you do if you want to use the residual heat from two power stations in Diemen to heat the Almere-Poort district on the other side of the IJmeer? Right, then you ask A.Hak to lay a heat transport pipeline one and a half meters below the bottom of the lake.

Nuon Energy dared to do so in 2011, although a heat transport pipeline of this length had never been laid under water before.


In the case of heat transport pipelines, a double pipe is laid: a pipe for the supply of hot water and a return pipe for the cooled water. This project was carried out as a steel-in-steel system: a 20" inner pipe in a 28" jacketed pipe with insulating material in between. As the main contractor, A.Hak was responsible for the design, delivery and execution of the project. Work was carried out from pontoons in the IJmeer. Especially in windy conditions not easy.


Before the other side was reached, two navigation channels were crossed: one for commercial and one for pleasure craft. The project had 3 HDD drillings, under primary flood defences and the fairway.