Being young at A.Hak

Juliette van Rooij is the initiator and chairman of Young A.Hak, the network of A.Hak employees up to the age of 35.

What's so great about Young A.Hak? 

It is nice to meet other colleagues and to share experiences and knowledge with each other. Every time I meet a new person within A.Hak, I learn something new. I love that! Young A.Hak offers the opportunity to meet and learn from each other, but also to further develop yourself. Young A.Hak is such an opportunity that you can seize. We all organise great activities from which you can learn a lot. You expand your network and it's just fun too. It is for all Hakkers up to 35 years.  

What kind of activities do you organize? 

The activities are divided into three categories: networking, personal development and strategic sessions. Networking activities are to get to know your colleagues better and to expand your internal network. In terms of personal development, you could think of a workshop on effective communication or a workshop on personal leadership. During the strategic sessions, themes that are important to the organisation will be discussed. This could include attracting new colleagues.

What does it bring you when you participate in Young A.Hak? 

I think it's important that you enjoy going to work. Of course, I enjoy my work. In addition, I find contact with colleagues, opportunities for development, but also challenges and space for relaxation important. Young A.Hak brings all that together. By doing business together, we can set ourselves and A.Hak in motion. In my opinion, this means a bright future for yourself and a bright future for A.Hak.