At the office and on-site

‘It's been eight years since I started as a calculator at A.Hak, but now I'm "outside", as it's so beautifully called. For me that means: preparing the work, sitting on the project, monitoring the planning and finances and keeping the necessary (quality) administration. And, of course, keeping in touch with the customer! As a calculator, I calculated what it would cost to lay the pipelines. Now, together with the entire project team, I make sure that the pipelines are actually installed.’

Two parts

‘My work currently consists of two parts that fit together: design leader and work planner. As a design leader, you make sure that everything is arranged before we start construction. I order the right materials, arrange for permits, ensure that preliminary research is carried out and that a final design is drawn up that meets the requirements. If a railway is crossed on the route, I have to apply to ProRail for a permit and ensure that the design complies with their guidelines, the so-called White Booklet.’

‘As a planner, I take care of everything when the project actually runs. Then I'll be in the men's shack. I ensure that all administration is carried out correctly, for example for quality registrations. I also make the planning and make sure that the material is in the right place at the right time. A project never goes exactly as you expect it to, and no project is the same. That's what makes it so much fun.’   

Room for extra projects

‘What I like about my work at A.Hak is freedom. I am often approached by recruiters who offer the craziest opportunities in this day and age. I don't do it. At A.Hak I can grow, I work with great people and I know my way around. And I can decide for myself what time I start or end. My manager doesn't check on me, because he knows that I'll be there until late if necessary and that I always deliver on time. It's the result that counts. That's why I stay here.’

‘The freedom also means that I have room for nice, extra projects. I'm involved in the Hakathon, with which we find all kinds of ways to work together more efficiently in power sessions, thereby saving costs and improving quality. I am also on the board of Young A.Hak, a team of and for young colleagues.’                    

Young A.Hak

‘With Young A.Hak we organize all kinds of events about personal development, networking and strategy. I learn a lot from them, which is why I wanted to do it. Finally, I am a member of the VIA project group, Gasunie's first framework contract in which the preparation phase is fully outsourced to a contractor. I was given the opportunity to think along with you about the way in which A.Hak is implementing this.’

‘How do I see the future ahead of me? Maybe I'll grow up to be a project leader. At first, I didn't want to, because it also involves a lot of responsibility. Now I think: who knows? It comes, as it comes. I am sure you have to be with A.Hak if you want something.’

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