'I want to organize'

‘If equipment doesn't work properly or is not operated properly, then I jump in, but I'm also used to organize the supply and removal of machines and the maintenance. So I have quite a free role and I've actually always had one at A.Hak. If you show that you can take responsibility, you have a lot of freedom here. In addition to my job at Equipment Service Center, I also work an average of two days for the holding company. I take care of the maintenance of the buildings and the outside area. I've been doing that for some time now. The site now looks very good and we have a beautiful workshop.’

‘I have been with A.Hak since 1987. From the opening of our location in Tricht until now, I have experienced every renovation and every change. In that period I have had several positions, from mechanic to workshop manager. I find it a challenge, fun to do, especially because of the variation. They don't have to put me in one place inside. I want to organize and manage things. If I had been inside, I wouldn't have lasted that long either.’

The real ‘Hakker’

‘Over the years I have come to recognize the real ‘Hakkers’. We've done a lot for each other and don't go home while the other is still busy. You help each other. We work hard and don't complain much. I prefer to kick people's heads and also have a lot of respect for the people 'in the pit'. Heavy work in all weathers, that's not always easy.’


‘The way I do it now, I can do my job for years to come. With freedom and variety and because of my interest in technology and the challenge I keep seeing in it. I like the width of the technique. When I don't know things, I go after them and find out. You have to be involved in your work and put all your effort into it. If you do that, you get appreciation and freedom in return. Not always someone who looks over my shoulder. For many, that's a reason to stay here for a long time. In addition to the good feeling that it produces to go home when the weather has succeeded in getting a job done.’