Industrial areas & ports

Large industrial complexes and port areas with a lot of industry offer opportunities for large-scale CO2 reduction. A.Hak is the partner with the right knowledge.

Pipework that is carried out 'on-site' within the fences of factories on industrial complexes and in port areas requires the right knowledge and experience. Because of the safety risks, but also because it is often only possible to work in strictly defined periods of time. Before and after this, the complex must remain in operation. A.Hak has this experience, but we also participate when it comes to the innovations that can make the difference to sustainability here.

Smart innovations

Industry is responsible for a large part of the total CO2 emissions, but smart innovations can also lead to enormous results in terms of reduction. It is not for nothing that initiatives have been taken to use hydrogen as a fuel in these areas in particular. Or with steam and condensate networks, such as those installed by A.Hak in the port of Antwerp.

Energy from the sea

In port areas, the focus is naturally on the sea. And it is precisely at sea that there is enormous potential for the sustainable generation of energy. Mainly by using the wind, but also by using the power of the tides. This energy is generally converted into electricity, which must be brought ashore. This is where our experience with landfalls comes in handy. But the combination of wind energy and sea also offers opportunities to use the generated electricity and the surrounding seawater to produce hydrogen and to bring it ashore in gaseous form. Companies that are investigating or implementing this option will also end up at A.Hak.

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