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Oil & Gas

As a specialist in the construction of underground infrastructure, A.Hak has a long tradition as a partner of clients in the oil and gas industry. Our share in the construction of Gasunie's safe and reliable Dutch natural gas network is not to be underestimated. Also elsewhere in Europe and in the rest of the world, A.Hak is a company with an excellent reputation because of the quality of our work, our ingenuity and the ability to use our own equipment both at home and abroad.

In the gas market, A.Hak is not only a specialist in the construction of pipelines. We also build above-ground facilities such as compressor stations and measuring and control streets and underground facilities for large-scale gas storage. Home connections are part of our portfolio, particularly in our Dutch home market, mostly in combined construction with water and electricity.

In the construction of large and smaller pipeline connections obstacles in the route are crossed by means of horizontal drilling. A.Hak has the expertise and the equipment to offer these trenchless techniques as an in-house service.

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    Privacy Statement updated Privacy Statement updated

    Privacy Statement updated

    With effect from 1 April 2018, A.Hak applies a new Privacy Statement that is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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    One million man hours without LTIs One million man hours without LTIs

    One million man hours without LTIs

    A.Hak is working on the construction of a pipeline for Saudi Aramco in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. This week the million man hour mark was reached without a single LTI (lost time incident).

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    aQuaintance aQuaintance


    aQuaintance, a new company of A.Hak Leidingbouw, Tebodin and Cofely, has signed a five year contract for the engereering, procurement and implementation of all national onshore projects for NAM.

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