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As part of the energy transition, sustainably generated electricity increasingly takes the place of energy from fossil sources. A.Hak specializes in the construction of underground high-voltage cables that bring this clean electricity to its destination.

A.Hak is active in the design, construction and maintenance of underground low, medium and high voltage connections. We can be flexibly deployed, from installation orders to full EPC contracts. We take care of engineering, tracing, permit procedures, material deliveries, the realization of cable routes and all related assembly and disassembly work.

In the field of house connections we often install electricity in combination with gas and water. In this segment we operate at the forefront of digital project communication with our clients. Together we ensure maximum efficiency in the process of installation and connection, in order to serve the end customer as well as possible.

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    Second landfall starts ahead of schedule Second landfall starts ahead of schedule

    Second landfall starts ahead of schedule

    One day ahead of schedule, our drilling specialists started work on the landfall of a pipeline that will bring natural gas ashore from the Leviathan gas field in the Mediterranean Sea. Special feature: we are using the Direct-Pipe technique.

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    Water for Saudi Arabia Water for Saudi Arabia

    Water for Saudi Arabia

    A.Hak is known for it's expertise when it comes to the construction of water transport pipelines. A.Hak International proved this once again in Riyadh.

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    North-South Route North-South Route

    North-South Route

    For the realization of the North-South Route, a major expansion of Gasunie's gas transport network in the Netherlands, we constructed many kilometers of natural gas pipelines and worked on several compressor stations.

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