‘Opportunities in Europe'

After many years of working for large, listed companies, Dan Moloney and A.Hak consciously chose to work for a smaller, private company. I wanted to be more enterprising. In those larger companies, my management position became more and more administrative'. His wish is in line with a trend that he is also observing in the sector: 'Clients are concerned about the actual ability of companies to deliver and have increasing respect for specialists. That's a great opportunity for A.Hak.    

Dynamics in Europe

The energy transition has made Europe very dynamic and interesting. After having invested little in infrastructure for a long time, resources are now available to make improvements'. Moloney notes that the Dutch market is ahead when it comes to the state of the infrastructure and can now focus on the energy transition. The United Kingdom and Germany have to catch up in the field of infrastructure. This also means that these countries will offer many opportunities in the coming years. 

Our experience with European projects means that we have a lot to offer. But A.Hak is also well positioned for other reasons,' says Dan, 'When I joined the company, I was impressed by A.Hak's good reputation. I talked to a lot of people in the industry, especially customers, and I didn't hear anything negative. That's very special, customers said: "A.Hak really delivers", you can really deliver. When I met the people in the field, I understood why: they are really top class. They know their business, are flexible and always try to meet the expectations of their customers.

Own equipment

Last but not least: A.Hak has a large amount of its own equipment at its disposal. That really is an asset! Many companies sell their equipment for accounting reasons and then rent it back, but it is a big advantage to have it in house. We can promise a customer, hand in hand, that we will have access to our equipment at any time, whenever they need us.  Anyone who wants to be at the forefront must always keep an eye out for improvement. Two things: health & safety and project management. Our safety statistics looked good in 2018, but because we want to be a leader in our industry, I think we can be even more proactive in the area of health and safety. That gives us an extra advantage in the market. We are therefore fully committed to the company-wide introduction of the Safety Ladder, level 3.

When it comes to project management, we can become better at preventing surprises. For ourselves and for our customers. We can reduce costs and better anticipate change. This year, A.Hak introduces the World Class Project Management Initiative, which further educates project leaders and managers. I'm very happy with that,' says Dan, 'even though I want to say to everyone at the same time that we shouldn't lose our flair either. That would be a shame. Let's choose a mix: control where we have to, enterprising where we can!'