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Sustainability is a broad concept. To really achieve something, it's important to make clear choices and focus on a limited number of goals. The model that A.Hak uses to make these choices is named 'materiality determaniation'.

What's important?
Using the materiality determination, a top 3 of primary objectives was determined, being:

  • health & safety
  • energy & transport
  • education & training

When it comes to safety it goes without saying that zero accidents is our goal. Yet at the same time we realize that this number is extremely difficult to attain. Our carbon footprint is one of the key indicators to measure our performance regarding energy & transport.

  • news

    New owner for Tjaden New owner for Tjaden

    New owner for Tjaden

    Friday, November 17th, Hölscher Wasserbau acquired the shares of Tjaden from A.Hak. The divestment of Tjaden is part of A.Hak's strategy to fgocus more strongly on its core business: the construction of mostly underground infrastructure.

  • projects

    aQuaintance aQuaintance


    aQuaintance, a new company of A.Hak Leidingbouw, Tebodin and Cofely, has signed a five year contract for the engereering, procurement and implementation of all national onshore projects for NAM.

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    A.Hak in two minutes A.Hak in two minutes

    A.Hak in two minutes

    A.Hak offers a wide variety of products and services. Let us introduce ourselves in two minutes with this animated film.

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    North-South Route North-South Route

    North-South Route

    For the realization of the North-South Route, a major expansion of Gasunie's gas transport network in the Netherlands, we constructed many kilometers of natural gas pipelines and worked on several compressor stations.