• Bergermeer Gas storage facility
  • Bergermeer Gas storage facility

Bergermeer Gas storage facility

TAQA Energy B.V.

Construction of transport pipelines from and to the Bergermeer gas storage facility

2011 – 2013

Pipeline specifications
Pipeline length: 27 km
Diameter: 3 up to 42"
Wall thickness: 3.2 up to 33 mm
Material: steel

Underground storage capacity doubled
TAQA Energy and its partner Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN) are constructing the largest underground gas storage facility of Western Europe in Bergermeer in the Netherlands. During summer, when demands are low, gas is stored in this facility. When winter falls, these reserves can fully answer peak demands. This increases the reliability of delivery and limits the spectrum of price fluctuations. A.Hak Leidingbouw constructed eight transport pipelines from and to the gas storage facility. The pipelines have a total length of 37.5 kilometers.

During the entire project, safety was a priority focus. In cooperation with a full-time HSSE Official, safety meetings were held regularly and ‘observation unconscious behavior-sessions’ were organized. And the results were great, as not a single LTI (Lost Time Injury) occurred.

Worth mentioning

  • The usage of super duplex, insulated pipelines with thick walls.
  • Based on the location and the presence of a Nature Compensation Plan, countless actions were carried out to limit nuisance for people, nature and wildlife to an absolute minimum.
  • A large part of the pipeline had to be constructed before the breeding season began. This tight deadline was met.
  • Cooperation with A.Hak Drillcon took place for six horizontal directional drillings and several other drillings were completed with the shield tunneling method. Crossings made with these drillings included a nature reserve, a railroad track, flood defenses and highways.
  • Assistance was provided by A.Hak Infranet for insulation tasks and A.Hak Telecom for fiberglass connections.
  • Sister company Tjaden injected the ground water, extracted during dewatering and containing sulfur dioxide and chloride, back into the ground in a responsible way.
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    CSS: Humber project scores exceptionally CSS: Humber project scores exceptionally

    CSS: Humber project scores exceptionally

    The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CSS) has audited the A.Hak, Skanska and PORR joint venture that works on the River Humber Gas Pipeline Replacement Project for National Grid (UK). The project scored 44 out of 50 points.

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    aQuaintance aQuaintance


    aQuaintance, a new company of A.Hak Leidingbouw, Tebodin and Cofely, has signed a five year contract for the engereering, procurement and implementation of all national onshore projects for NAM.

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    aQuaintance 10 years LTI free aQuaintance 10 years LTI free

    aQuaintance 10 years LTI free

    aQuaintance, the company responsible for the onshore projects of NAM, reached a unique safety milestone. The company, with shareholders A.Hak Leidingbouw, ENGIE and Tebodin, has worked for ten years without LTI’s.