• Infranet East ‘best contractor’

Infranet East ‘best contractor’

17 May 2018

According to customer Liander, A.Hak Infranet region East was the best-performing contractor in the fourth quarter of 2017. Region manager Egon Teunissen is very pleased with the result achieved: ‘Wonderful! This is what we strive for.’

Positive attention
'The basis for this success? Continuously improve and secure this improvement. For example, we have our own quality inspectors who carry out checks at work and record the results in a mobile app. The results of the controls are discussed internally. In doing so, we don’t only pay attention to the points that need to be improved, but also to the things we do well. 'Positive attention' is what we call that, and everyone can learn from that too.’

Quality starts internally
Quality at A.Hak does not start with the mechanic in the field. Egon: ‘Quality starts with our internal organization. For example, every assignment we receive from Liander is closely reviewed internally. In the event of any uncertainties, the responsible team manager will check the work location to ensure that the job can be carried out properly.’

Continuous improvement
'We also pay a lot of attention to handing out the right materials to the crews. And very important: keep listening to the mechanics! Their input is essential to continue improving the quality of our work. That continuous improvement is not always easy. If all signals are green, the temptation is lurking to stop focussing on improving. While these are the moments to raise the bar a bit higher, to keep improving continuously.’

We stand for our work
'Our employees really stand for their work. Sometimes I receive a picture in the evening of a mechanic who wants to show how well he did his work. Because he’s sincerely and rightly proud of his work. I really love that!’

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