• TBM for Humber project delivered

TBM for Humber project delivered

28 July 2017

In a joint venture with Skanska and PORR Bau GmbH, A.Hak is well underway with the construction of a new 42” high pressure gas pipeline. Under the River Humber, at the eastern coast of England, a five kilometre pipeline will be installed in a pipeline tunnel. This is the longest pipeline installed anywhere as a single string. For customer National Grid, this project is of critical importance: some twenty percent of their domestic gas volume will pass this pipeline annually once operational.

Proper soil surveys and solid engineering work determined the required specifications of all tunnel elements and the TBM (tunnel boring machine). This data was needed to order the right TBM. The TBM was delivered by German firm Herrenknecht. The photograph above shows how final testing in Germany takes place; the so called Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

The actual drilling will start after the summer, as a next milestone towards the early 2020 deadline for transferring the tunnel and all corresponding documentation to National Grid.

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    aQuaintance aQuaintance


    aQuaintance, a new company of A.Hak Leidingbouw, Tebodin and Cofely, has signed a five year contract for the engereering, procurement and implementation of all national onshore projects for NAM.

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    Water for Saudi Arabia

    A.Hak is known for it's expertise when it comes to the construction of water transport pipelines. A.Hak International proved this once again in Riyadh.

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    District heating HVC Alkmaar

    The A.Hak companies work on many different locations to build district heating infrastructure. At this location Alkmaar, the Netherlands, the local news network joined us.

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    aQuaintance 10 years LTI free aQuaintance 10 years LTI free

    aQuaintance 10 years LTI free

    aQuaintance, the company responsible for the onshore projects of NAM, reached a unique safety milestone. The company, with shareholders A.Hak Leidingbouw, ENGIE and Tebodin, has worked for ten years without LTI’s.