• TAP: safely and swiftly

TAP: safely and swiftly

26 July 2017

TAP: safely and swiftly

A year ago, we announced the involvement of A.Hak in the construction of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). This gas transport pipeline begins at the Turkish-Greek border, where it joins the Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP). From there it goes onshore to the coast of Albania, to continue to the Adriatic coast in Italy with an offshore pipeline.

Together with Spiecapag, A.Hak International constructs the Albanian segment of the 48" pipeline. This part of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline is 215 km long, about a quarter of the total length of 878 km. The work is progressing well. After one year of construction of this megaproject, the TAP organization announced that 22% of the pipes in Greece and Albania are constructed. In Albania the percentage is even higher. About 85 of the 215 km has already been constructed, including two horizontal directional drillings. TAP further states that the number of incidents involving lost-time incidents or LTIs remains far below international standards.

Work on the TAP pipeline is not without challenges. The route comprises a large number of river crossings as well as mountainous terrain with steep slopes of up to 30%. Therefore, later in the project, cable cranes will be used to transport the pipe segments to higher altitudes. Because the surface is rock in many places, blasting will be required. 

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    Privacy Statement updated Privacy Statement updated

    Privacy Statement updated

    With effect from 1 April 2018, A.Hak applies a new Privacy Statement that is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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    River crossings TAP River crossings TAP

    River crossings TAP

    A.Hak is proud of its own equipment that is used in the construction of underground infrastructure all over the world. Our machines demand a leading role on film material from the TAP project.

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    Project film Beverwijk-Wijngaarden Project film Beverwijk-Wijngaarden

    Project film Beverwijk-Wijngaarden

    A.Hak constructed two thirds of Gasunie's gas transport pipeline between the Dutch towns of Beverwijk and Wijngaarden.

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    North-South Route North-South Route

    North-South Route

    For the realization of the North-South Route, a major expansion of Gasunie's gas transport network in the Netherlands, we constructed many kilometers of natural gas pipelines and worked on several compressor stations.