• New owner for Kaal Masten

New owner for Kaal Masten

6 July 2017

Today, Thursday, July 6, VDL Group acquired the shares of Kaal Masten from A.Hak. VDL Group wants to strenghten its position in the field of mast manufacturing, while A.Hak wants to focus more on underground infrastructure. The employment contracts of all Kaal Masten employees are part of the acquisition.

Iain Light, CEO of A.Hak is pleased with the acquisition. 'Kaal Masten is an excellent company that supplies durable and high quality products. With VDL Group, we have found a party that wants to invest in further growth and development of the company. '

Willem van der Leegte, CEO of VDL Group, claims that Kaal Masten is a nice addition to VDL Group's portfolio. ‘We foresee possibilities for synergy with other VDL companies. For example, with VDL KTI in Mol (Belgium) which produces heavier masts for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.'

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