• Water and energy

Water and energy

A.Hak has extensive knowledge of the water sector and more than fifty years of experience in the field of pipeline construction. These two areas of expertise come together in projects where water is used to transport heat and cold or as a source of renewable energy.

We construct and install systems for thermal energy storage (TES). These systems Using groundwater with a constant temperature, TES-systems are used for cooling in sunmmer and for heating in winter. Energy-saving and CO2-neutral.

District heating
District heating is another form of sustainable energy. Residual heat, for example from power plants or waste treatment facilities, is used to heat water. Pipeline systems carry this hot water to homes and business where it is used for heating or as hot tap water. Recently we constructed such systems in Amsterdam and in the Nijmegen-Arnhem region.

Blue Energy
Finally, we actively participate in the development of Blue Energy: generating energy from the difference in salinity between fresh and salt water. A.Hak is one of the three shareholders of REDstack, the company that further develops this technology from a pilot plant in the Netherlands, christened by the Dutch king in 2014.

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    aQuaintance aQuaintance


    aQuaintance, a new company of A.Hak Leidingbouw, Tebodin and Cofely, has signed a five year contract for the engereering, procurement and implementation of all national onshore projects for NAM.

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    Water for Saudi Arabia Water for Saudi Arabia

    Water for Saudi Arabia

    A.Hak is known for it's expertise when it comes to the construction of water transport pipelines. A.Hak International proved this once again in Riyadh.

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    aQuaintance 10 years LTI free aQuaintance 10 years LTI free

    aQuaintance 10 years LTI free

    aQuaintance, the company responsible for the onshore projects of NAM, reached a unique safety milestone. The company, with shareholders A.Hak Leidingbouw, ENGIE and Tebodin, has worked for ten years without LTI’s.

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